Category Layout

New Layout - Wishes

Yes, it's true. The wishlist layout has changed. It makes the pages a little easier to navigate making them shorter and having the wish groups and wish name pop out to make them easier to find, sort and select the wish you want to give your friend.

We are simply trying to find an easier, friendly way to display all of the wish information we have for you and your friends. We appreciate all the feedback we are receiving and are continually improving the performance and functionality of eWishes.

This is only a single layout change but more improvements are on the way.

New eWishes: Dec 1st, 2010

It's official ladies and gentelmen, the new eWishes will be made public December 1st, 2010... Make your sure mark it on your calender...

Release Date of New Layout

Seeing that our development has been moving along faster then expected, we are expecting to be lauching the new version of eWishes before the new year.

Our ultimate goal would be to release the new layout to the public before our holiday time rush, doing so will help aliviate any problems you encouter. 

So keep your eyes open, soon the new eWishes will be right in front of your eyes!

Desing completed

Good news... we have a new design layout completed for the new look. We hope you are as exited for the upcoming change coming to eWishes.

the new ewishes logo

Sarting of a New Layout

We are proud to announce that plans are in the work to develop a new layout for eWishes.

We are working on new ideas, features and functions and we hop that everyone will be happy we the changes that are on the way.